Susie Laird

Susie Laird

Susie Laird


Susan Laird joined St. John's in 2013, and has served since then as Lector, occasionally also leading parish discussion groups.  She is pursuing the University of the South's Education for Ministry program at St. John's and was elected to Vestry in 2019, which she serves as liaison to the parish Education Committee.

Having served past parishes in various lay ministry roles, she is a long-time member of Episcopal Peace Fellowship. Christened at St. John's Episcopal Church in Salem, NJ, she grew up on the Delaware Bay's Quaker-colonized rural eastern shore and attended Episcopal schools grades 3-12. She taught in New York State and Maine before moving to Norman over a quarter century ago.

Married to John Green with one grand-daughter, Susie is Professor Emeritus in Educational Leadership & Policy Studies at the University of Oklahoma, now continuing a lifetime daily practice of Hatha yoga.

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